Jul 20 • 16M

The Ruling of Ripple and Deep Dish Pizza

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In this episode, we dive into the recent ruling on the Ripple case, which has significant implications for the crypto industry and financial advisors. The judge's decision clarified that XRP, in and of itself, is not a security, but certain transactions involving it could be considered securities. This has brought much-needed clarity to the regulatory landscape and has implications for other tokens listed on exchanges.

The ruling also provides relief for financial advisors who were worried about the risk of putting their clients into digital assets that might later be deemed securities. With this precedent, advisors can feel more confident exploring growth and venture assets for their clients without the fear of potential legal repercussions.

Additionally, the episode touches on the recent news that NASDAQ has decided to step back from offering digital asset custody services due to uncertainties in the regulatory environment. This decision comes as a surprise and leaves some questions about the future of custody services in the industry.

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