May 10 • 21M

International Men of Mystery

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Crypto is impacting every aspect of your financial planning practice, and you need to be prepared. We cover how RIAs are implementing digital assets into their businesses, discuss how planners are introducing crypto to their clients, and cover the latest developments in blockchain that will impact your future as a financial planner. Join the community here:
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In this week's episode of Crypto for Planners, Steve and Adam talk about the importance of the Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA) being international.

Crypto is global, and so is the need for the CDAA. Each region has its regulations, custodians, and use cases, and the developing world will need guidance on participating in the financial system. To be a valid designation, the CDAA must be managed by an independent group, PlannerDAO, in line with CPA and CFP.

Therefore, it's essential to ensure that anyone helping others with their money has an education standard for crypto. Stay tuned to this week's episode of Crypto for Planners and learn more about the importance of education partners in Europe, Dubai, and Turkey.

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